Yes it's that time of year again where we invite you to join us in raising money for a great cause.  If you haven't heard of stand-up for Claire house before well let me tell you about it.  This is our 6th year working with Claire house to raise money through the best channel...comedy!

We have 14 places for anyone who wants to have a go at training in stand-up comedy and performing and it's absolutely FREE.  All we ask is that you commit to 5 weeks of comedy training. 

These sessions are usually after work between 5.30-7.30pm in Liverpool city centre.  The 5th week will be a comedy performance with you and your peers, compered by a professional comedian, in front of a live audience. 

You will be asked to sell 10 tickets to help raise money for the night and ALL the proceeds go to Claire House.  If you are interested in this event please email

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