Preparing young women to be resilient will help with life changes and challenges

Last week a study into the Journal of Adolescent Health suggested the number of schoolgirls at risk of emotional problems has risen sharply. Scientists from the study analysed questionnaires completed by 1,600 pupils aged 11-13 in 2009, comparing them with similar surveys conducted five years later.

A surprising 7% spike in girls reporting emotional issues was noted, while boys' answers remained fairly stable.

Charities are concerned pressures are particularly affecting girls and here at Laughology we have noticed a rise in requests from schools for us to talk to young women on coping skills . Particularly all girls schools have been contacting us to chat to their teenage students on coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.The schools recognise the pressures the students face, especially running up to exam time.

At Laughology we recognise the importance of addressing emotional intelligence alongside academic subjects and feel passionate about ensuring young people have the right skills to develop in a world which moves very fast. Teenagers have changes going on all the time and change is challenging at the best of times, throw into the mix hormones, working out where you fit in socially and trying to fit in with the added pressure of exams and no wonder we have seen a rise in emotional challenges. Teenagers can learn to develop and control their emotions and develop emotional intelligence. As parents, teachers and mentors there is lot you can do to help your teen in this regard.

Self Awareness

Mood management



Management of relationships

Ways to encourage your teen's emotional development include: