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Understanding Unconscious Bias to Create More Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Be honest. How diverse is your workplace? Is it as inclusive as it possibly can be? Or is it still predominantly filled with grey-suited, white men with a penchant for flipcharts?

31st July, 2020, 12:00pm– 12:30pm

Stephanie Davies

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Maybe. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. There is something you can do about it.

Diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda of employers right now, and rightly so. There is a moral argument for diversity and inclusion, as well as ample evidence proving the business case for diversity too - more diverse businesses are more successful and profitable.

However, many organisations are not prepared to fully tackle the endemic issues that cause inequality - namely unconscious bias. Prejudices, often subtle, that we all have, but are unaware of.  The first part of putting it right is recognising we have them in the first place.  

Many organisations will take part in unconscious bias workshops and think that’s enough, but it’s not. We must admit these biases exist and recognise how they influence the decisions made by business leaders and people at all levels. 

Unconscious bias can skew talent and performance reviews, affect recruitment and promotion, and unwittingly undermine an organisation’s culture.  We need to look deeper than a simple workshop, by reviewing policies, practices, language and culture to see how we can combat bias and become committed to calling it out when we see it.  

Laughology’s CEO and Head of Happiness, Stephanie Davies, is delivering a free 30-minute webinar to discuss what organisations and all of us must do to create a more inclusive world.  

Stephanie will discuss:

  • Why unconscious bias exists and how we can be more consciously inclusive
  • Selective discrimination and why it’s not acceptable in the workplace.
  • Tackling culture and behaviours that impact inclusivity 
  • The importance of having honest conversations with colleagues and teams.

Fighting bias is necessary to create a workplace that fully supports and encourages diverse perspectives and people. While unconscious bias awareness training is an essential first step, research has shown that it is not sufficient to just change the mindsets of individuals. 

Leaders need to support ways in which organisations can recruit and promote based on potential, and accept the different ways people talk, dress and show up.  We all need to be more open to accepting differences, recognising that an individual’s intelligence and capability has nothing to do with their accent or what they wear. 

Whether you call it diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias or equality training, the fact is we all need to be better.  Are you ready to join us and start making a difference?

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