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Taking Positive Action in Challenging Times - Curiosity and the Art of Shifting Knowing to Doing

We’re almost out of lockdown, so has it turned you into a hunk, a chunk or a drunk? Is your hair down to your backside? Are you bored of the sight of your own family? You’re not the only one. But maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to take some positive action. From knowing things need to change, to actually changing them. Our FREE 30-minute webinar can help!

Tuesday 11th May 2021 | 12.30-1.00pm | FREE

Dave Keeling

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After the last 12 months, you could forgive anyone for telling 2021 where to go. As human beings, we’re usually very good barometers of our own performance. Yet sometimes we can lose our way, lack the passion or motivation to crack on or just get into the habit of saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Which is why this fast-paced, fun and illuminating 30-minute session delivered by Lead Happiness Consultant (or Hunky Drunk), Dave Keeling, may be a timely shot in the arm for you if you’re experiencing negative thoughts and behaviours.

Maybe you’re struggling to find your mojo or to push on through in your current situation? Or maybe you just simply want to have a laugh and learn how to shift from knowing to doing? Whatever you’re experiencing, our Taking Positive Action webinar can help you.

So why not join Dave as he explores:

  • How to get a dose of happiness, so you’re able to use proven strategies and techniques the next time you need a boost
  • Curiosity and collaboration, helping you understand why it’s good to be curious about how you’re feeling and finding a support network to help you
  • Risk-taking, so you feel confident about taking the action you need to take to feel happier and more positive
  • The Cycle of Change, helping you to understand the way that change works so you can enjoy the ride, instead of dreading it
  • Why he doesn’t like stews or casseroles - and don’t get him started on tagines!

Taking Positive Action is a webinar that will provide you with tips, tricks and techniques to enable you to be more curious, think better thoughts and take positive action. 

Did we mention it’s completely free? Go on, grab your seat now!

Cost: Free

Seats: 500

Facilitator: Dave Keeling


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