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Teacher inset day workshop


This teacher inset day workshop will offer guidance and practical tools for improving emotional wellbeing in schools.

You will learn

  • What helps wellbeing in schools
  • Critical thinking and behavioural techniques
  • How to build resilience in a school
  • Reward and recognition that builds wellbeing
  • Creating healthy working and life habits

You will take away

  • How to focus your mental energy
  • The positive effects of humour and laughter for emotional intelligence
  • How to avoid behaviour and thinking that causes stress
  • Ways to create happiness and positivity in a school team

Diminishing budgets, increased pressure on student attainment, longer hours and more paperwork are just some of challenges in the current educational environment. With so many things going on, wellbeing may be overlooked as a luxury rather than as essential part of a school plan.

However, staff wellbeing is a vital factor for quality, performance and productivity. Demotivated staff are often disengaged, they do not enjoy their jobs and eventually leave.

Research shows that teacher happiness has a knock-on effect for students. It also directly influences greater staff retention, decreases sick leave, and lowers supply teacher costs. Therefore, helping your teaching teams understand how they can help themselves and access behaviours that increase wellbeing, while supporting them through simple school initiatives, will greatly benefit you, your school, pupils and teams.

We're feeling the love!

The session was excellent, engaging, informative, practical and funny with clear expectations. We have had positive comments from staff. This course will really help planning for wellbeing moving forwards.
Karen Murphy, Deputy Head Teacher The Grange, Runcorn

Teacher inset day pricing

Laughology workshops are delivered in our unique, engaging, energetic style by a team of dynamic, experienced behavioural experts with a background in stand-up comedy.

They drive behaviour change through fun and effective activities. Facilitator costs are based on demand, expertise and experience and you will get a great experience with everyone.

We can deliver to any audience size and encourage schools to work together as clusters to help share the cost. Costs are based on average school sizes, so if you are a small school and your budget is limited, give us a call and we can chat through the possibilities with you


Laughology facilitator Leading facilitator CEO and Founder
Up to 2 hours   £750 £1000 £1200
Half-day               £950 £1250 £1300
Full day                £1150 £1600 £1725

We do add travel accommodation and VAT, but where possible will try and match a trainer in your area.

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