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Our business development programmes are based on cognitive behaviour psychology and use humour as a positive thinking skill to promote positive attitude and influence behaviours in the workplace. This innovative practice helps individuals and teams understand factors that influence behaviour and decisions.

We work with individuals, teams and entire workforces to design relevant, solution-focussed, programmes delivered by a dynamic team of experts.  From increasing customer loyalty, creating happier and more productive teams to talent retention and diversity programmes; Laughology’s approach ensures training is delivered in a way that inspires and.

We have researched and designed thinking techniques that can be packaged into accessible, versatile skills to help people to think and act positively.

We are passionate about people and work with you to create programmes as unique as you are. Our engaging delivery style promotes behaviour change that drives results.



Customer service skills

Customer service programme

At the Laughology lab, our research into consumer behaviour drills down into the minds of your customers. We know what they do and why the do it – and we know what you should be doing to build lasting, positive relationships with them.

We use our expertise in human emotions and how they influence behaviour to design customer experience programmes that excite and energise. Backed by the latest research into effortless experience and nudge psychology, we have designed trademark, laughter-filled programmes for clients including Enterprise Car Hire and Money Supermarket. Our programmes differ from the norm because we focus on interaction as well as process and competency skills. The goal of any customer service provision should be customer satisfaction, which is achieved by providing pleasurable and easy customer experience. Get this right and you build customer loyalty and employee happiness. Each customer interaction is unique and customers build subjective perceptions of interactions based on a multitude of factors including personality type and personal bias. Consequently, while efficient processes and competency help customer experience, a deeper connection can only be made when customers feel engaged, supported and that they have had fun. To unlock the potential of each interaction, we teach teams to develop skills for positive conversations and improvisation, so they can create a memorable service. Laughology’s fun, guided improvisation encourages individuals to develop multidimensional thinking and conversations and practice dynamic customer interactions. Our refreshingly different approach creates quick-thinking teams who have the skills to respond appropriately to each customer interaction.  The result is personalised, playful customer experience with: warm, playful, fun, innovative and thoughtful customer-led conversations personalised experiences meaningful conversations Our programmes also include a suite of tangible techniques to help build resilience, problem-solving skills and autonomy such as our trademark FLIP it thinking model, which is a proven tool to allow solution-focused thinking.   Four stages of customer emotional engagement and experience and the wider impact on brand   Our programmes are flexible and modular. We work with leaders, managers, employees and customers where necessary to build a detailed understanding of your needs and how to achieve them. We can build managerial training modules into programmes to equip managers with key skills to support their teams to deliver an amazing customer expereince. A learning partnership to help support your customer experience programme log term We believe the most important part of any programme is sustainability and so we will work with you and your people to embed learning and techniques into your brand, training champions within your organisation. We also offer a partnership scheme, working with your trainers to give them the tools, techniques, content, materials and support they need to deliver in the unique Laughology style and take ownership of the programme and embed it in your brand. Our partnership model

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Diverse workplaces


Laughology continues to lead the way in diversity training and is proud to be the go-to provider for several multi-national blue chip companies. Our diversity training programmes have been chosen to help some of the biggest names in global commerce build agile, representative workforces for the global market.

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Engaged happy teams

For years happiness was seen as a fringe interest in a commercial world driven by the pursuit of results at any cost. Today, thanks to scientific studies into the effect of happiness on productivity, the business world has undergone a happiness enlightenment.

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