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Our business development programmes are based on cognitive behaviour psychology and use humour as a positive thinking skill to promote positive attitude and influence behaviours in the workplace. This innovative practice helps individuals and teams understand factors that influence behaviour and decisions.

We work with individuals, teams and entire workforces to design relevant, solution-focussed, programmes delivered by a dynamic team of experts.  From increasing customer loyalty, creating happier and more productive teams to talent retention and diversity programmes; Laughology’s approach ensures training is delivered in a way that inspires and.

We have researched and designed thinking techniques that can be packaged into accessible, versatile skills to help people to think and act positively.

We are passionate about people and work with you to create programmes as unique as you are. Our engaging delivery style promotes behaviour change that drives results.

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Our UK wide customer service skills programme uses our unique Laugholoy happiness model as a tool to help workforces understand the dynamics of customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

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Laughology continues to lead the way in diversity training and is proud to be the go-to provider for several multi-national blue chip companies. Our diversity training programmes have been chosen to help some of the biggest names in global commerce build agile, representative workforces for the global market.

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Good managers know how to make the right decisions and how to communicate the right messages to the right people. Outstanding managers do all this and more.

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For years happiness was seen as a fringe interest in a commercial world driven by the pursuit of results at any cost. Today, thanks to scientific studies into the effect of happiness on productivity, the business world has undergone a happiness enlightenment.

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Our speakers not only have a background in comedy, they also understand the psychology of behaviour and motivation

Some of our conference keynotes include:



Our business development programmes are based on cognitive behaviour psychology and use humour as a positive thinking skill to promote positive attitude and influence behaviours in the workplace.

Laughology programmes include:



Our business workshops deal with a wide range of factors and issues, are grounded in proven science and are engaging, energetic and most importantly, fun.

Our workshops include:

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