Learn the communication and audience control skills used by renowned speakers, leaders and presenters to connect with and win over their audience.

London, Friday 5th May 2017




Learn the communication and audience control skills used by renowned speakers, leaders and presenters to connect with and win over their audience.

London, Friday 5th May 2017



Presentation skills - 1 day workshop.

This refreshingly different one-day presentation skills training workshop teaches you persuasive language techniques, communication and audience control skills used by the greatest speakers, leaders and presenters to connect with, and win over their audience.

I can guarantee it's one of the best courses you will go on, one of the most beneficial training days I have been on. I feel much more positive about presenting now."


The training workshop draws on emotional engagement and language and how this can be harnessed to enhance communication and connect with an audience.

It will give you the skills and techniques to help you motivate and positively influence, helping you to improve your presentation skills whether you are trying to persuade work colleagues, present to clients or speak in front of a group.

This unique course will teach you how to use language to your advantage, leverage the power of emotion when connecting with others and how to employ humour with storytelling to create memorable talks and presentations that encourage positive action.

Brilliant! This was not the normal presentation skills course you go on, I learnt so much that I have been able to use instantly


Making your presentations connect with your audience

At Laughology, we do workshops differently. We believe it’s all about connecting with people emotionally, leaving them feeling inspired, happy and motivated to take action.

Our workshops are never death-by-Powerpoint or boring bullet-point lists. Our award-winning trainers have also been working comedians, are brilliant behavioural experts and international motivational speakers. Regularly speaking for CIPD and some of the leading organisations in the world.  

Our expert team will guide you through a day of participation and interaction, teaching you cognitive storytelling skills used by performers and speakers to deliver unforgettable presentations.  

As highly skilled speakers, the team will share, amongst other things:

  • the secrets of improvisation
  • showing you how to think quickly, creatively
  • how to always appear calm and in control

Delegates will receive a solid understanding of effective storytelling, engaging language techniques, the truth about body language, personal impact and image management, calming techniques and presence.

Workshops can be shaped to the needs of individual delegates on the day, but the core course content will include:

    • Using emotion. In any presentation, communication or message emotional connections are key.
    • How to tell a story and take people with you. Stories are a great way to engage with your audience.
    • Using words to paint a picture. People think visually, rather than in words. If you can use words to paint a picture the information becomes more memorable and real.
    • Getting creative and have fun with your audience. The more you can get your audience to join in with what you are doing in a physical way, the more likely you are to be remembered.
    • Get the audience laughing and make them happy. How do you want to leave people feeling after you have spoken to them?
    • Keeping it simple. Research shows people connect with simple, to-the-point language.  It makes more sense and is easier to understand.
    • Showing a little vulnerability. People like to see the human behind the presentation. Baring a little of your soul and showing some vulnerability is a good thing.
    • How to FLIP your nerves. How to control the auto-negative dialogue inside your head with our unique FLIP technique.
    • Creating a powerful call to action. Giving a memorable speak is great but what many presenters fail to do is create a call to action that actually enhances the positive behaviours you want to engage your audience in. This course will show you how to do this effectively every time. 

Brilliant, great, fun… Never laughed so much on a training course… Engaging and thought provoking… Good fun, very memorable and great information that will definitely help back in the workplace 

East Cheshire Council Workforce Development Team


Workshop outline

Morning session

Introductions- Laughology/introductions to one another

      • Quick Intro on what will take place throughout the session 
      • Group Introductions – The group are asked to come up with three things that they want to get out of the day’s session and one thing that they may be apprehensive about.
      • Share comments
      • Discussion points: 
        - Where do you present in your Job,
        - Who to and how
        - How, what do you think about presenting
        - The good, the bad and the ugly presenting stories.

Warm up activity – Would I lie to you?

      • Objectives – On tables split into two groups. Each group has a short discussion about stories to tell the other group. The group decide on one story, it must be true to one person in the group. They then all tell the story, one at a time to the other group, telling the same story. There may be some adjustments for authenticity. The opposite group has to decide who is telling the truth.
      • Discussion points:
        - What did you feel like when telling the story if it wasn’t yours?
        - How did you try and make it more authentic?
        - Did you spot the people telling the truth and how?

Preparing to present

This section is designed to inform and help delegates to know how they prepare for a presentation and how to deal with:

      • Nerves
      • Difficult audiences
      • Memory blocks etc.


      • How does it make you feel when you are asked to present? 
      • 2 mins to come up with as many nerve calming techniques as possible

Interactive learning session for presenting with confidence

      • How the brain works and nerves.
      • Calming techniques and fun exercises to feel better
      • Anchoring
      • 1/2/3 thinking patterns and breaking negative thinking when presenting and before presenting

Presenting (clips used to show different presenters) 

      • Presenting with confidence
        FLIP technique for feeling confident and positive
      • Go to sheets mark yourself
        Introductions to work
        Chat about something you’re passionate about
      • What were the differences – open discussion

Afternoon session

Warm up after lunch – related to presenting and communication

Putting together a PowerPoint presentation – slides

      • What to do
      • What not to do

Presenting to the group (in smaller groups)

      • In small groups of 4/5, they are to prepare a presentation for approx 5 mins on a subject matter of their choice, relating in some way to the achieving ambitions programme and/or their work.
      • The whole group has to take part and present in front of the rest of the group.
      • Feedback is given after each group.

Review and continued learning.

      • Commitment to practice



You can call us on 0844 800 1701, or use this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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