Maidenhall Primary School

The newly-formed management team at Maidenhall Primary School inherited a range of historic issues which had led to the school being placed in special measures. Motivated and committed, they were determined to create a nurturing and successful environment.

The challenge:

Due to a range of reasons Maidenhall Primary School in Luton had faced the school had challenges and had been asses by ofsted as requiring improvement

. A new forward-thinking management team was installed who shared the vision of creating a thriving and successful learning environment. As part of the changes several lecturers and teachers were made heads of year. They were required to manage staff at all levels as well as pupils, parental expectations and LEA requirements. To do this effectively they sought a range of managerial skills which Laughology was tasked to deliver.

The solution:

Resilient year leaders

Through interviews and discussion sessions we assessed the most relevant and useful skills the new heads of years needed to achieve the goals required. We developed a bespoke programme to embed new and effective skill sets.

We built a programme which was delivered through sessions over several weeks and incorporated both practical and psychological tools and techniques. The programme was designed to develop management ability and to embed resilience and confidence in participants. The participants were also taught coaching skills which in turn allowed them to develop their own teams.


The school was taken out of special measures and received a good Ofsted report. The Ofsted report commended the school’s improvement plan and gave mention to the improved management and coaching skills. Inspectors stated there was a noticeable difference in the way the leaders in the school managed their teams.

Services provided:

Management development, communication skills

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