Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE is a large, nationally-significant retail centre in the North West of England. The management company comprised staff from a range of diverse backgrounds. Many of the managers came from service and logistics backgrounds.

The challenge:

Managers in Liverpool ONE already had wide experience in the service and logistics sectors.  This, when combined with enhanced communication and management skills, would develop them into  modern, flexible and cohesive mangers able to face challenges head on and work with the different personalities in their teams.

That’s where Laughology came in. We were tasked with developing managerial communication skills to encourage and facilitate smooth and effective dialogue between all levels. The board wanted to enable staff to develop resilience and a holistic understanding of the business, how it worked and the reasons for specific decisions. The key to this was better communication.

The solution:

The people manager programme

We designed a series of sessions during which managers were given engaging and practical tools to help them develop communication and people skills. The programme was delivered through four full-day courses with a three-week gap between each session. This enabled managers to use the skills they had been taught in situ and to report back their experiences at follow-on sessions. This experiential learning technique allowed them to share experiences and successes and to build cohesion and buy-in.

The interactive sessions used transactional analysis techniques to increase awareness of how communication styles impacted on others. Support structures and development plans were instigated.


All attendees reported noticeable improvements in communications both upwards and downwards. As a result the organisation as a whole reported more effective day to day transactions.

Services provided:

Management development, communication skills, employee engagement

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