International Nuclear Services

INS underwent a fundamental culture shift to modernise managerial structures and attitudes and to evolve into a business equipped to compete globally in the 21st Century.

The challenge:

Flexible managerial styles and more effective communication throughout the organisation were goals. While managers were technically skilled, they tended to work in silos. In order to face the challenges of the contemporary commercial environment INS envisaged a change in culture through which modern management skills could be embedded. The organisation wanted its managers to be resilient, innovative, competitive, creative and skilled communicators.


Shift happens with great leaders and managers

Laughology worked with a steering group of representatives from various departments and grades to identify the key values and behaviours which would facilitate the required culture shift. We surveyed the organisation and identified specific areas of action and the skills sets that would benefit them and build values through behaviours.

“The delivery is unique; full of meaty substance but with a poke in the eye every so often to make sure that you stay tuned.”

We designed a bespoke, multi-level, multi-faceted programme for senior and middle management and introduced various models through a series of workshops and training programmes to deliver communication skills and build emotional capital through the organisation to assist in developing behaviour change.

We facilitated the development of a modern vision and values and helped managers appropriately balance their focus between technical and people skills while building a management team skilled in people development.

“Laughology has been working with INS for several years and has helped develop our change programme, delivering various inspiring courses helping our employees to live our values create the right conditions to embed further training.  Laughology helps put people at ease.

We engaged the wider team by creating ‘bite-size’ seminars presented by the managers, delivered in a creative way that encouraged two-way communication and interdepartmental relationships.


Post-programme surveys recorded that the perceived gap between management and staff levels had narrowed by 65 percent. There was a noticeable difference in adult-to-adult conversations and a positive increase in communication between departments. Organisation cohesion increased and there were higher levels of engagement across the board with a tangible change of mind-set.

Services provided:

Leadership development, management development, culture change, developing values and behaviours, employee engagement

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