This page is under construction. Award nominations open on 1st June 2019


  • Nominations deadline:
    29th October 2019
  • Awards ceremony:
    Friday 22nd November 2019
  • Venue:

    Kings Place Events,
    Kings Place,
    90 York Way, N1 9AG.

We are thrilled to announce that The National Happiness Awards 2019 are open. And this year we’ve made them a Brexit-free zone! This means we will only be concentrating on happy, positive, progressive people and places who have made a constructive impact on happiness and wellbeing. So, if Jacob Rees-Mogg tries to nominate the European Research Group for the Happiest Team award, we promise we will ban him from entering.

The National Happiness Awards are now well-established as the UK’s premier happiness and wellbeing event and we will be staging an all-singing, all-dancing gala ceremony in November to crown our winners.

The awards are split into two sectors;
Happiness in the Workplace and Happiness in Education.

Award categories in the Workplace sector are:

  • Happiest Workplace
    Prize: £3000 of Laughology training
  • Happiest Employee
    Prize: £300 voucher of choice
  • Happiest Team
    Prize: £300 voucher of choice to share (under 10 people), £500 voucher of choice to share (over 10 people)
Nominations are welcomed from businesses, charities and public sector organisations, Nominations can be submitted by owners, team members, clients and members of the public.

Award categories in the Education sector are:

  • Happiest Primary School
    Prize: £1000 of Laughology training & £1000 voucher of your choice
  • Happiest Secondary School
    Prize: £1000 of Laughology training & £1000 voucher of your choice
  • Happiest School Employee
    Prize: £300 voucher of your choice
  • Happiest Child (Primary)
    Prize: £150 voucher of your choice
  • Happiest Young Person (Secondary)
    Prize: £150 voucher of your choice
Nominations are welcomed from all levels of education. Nominations can be submitted by teachers, support staff, pupils, parents and member of the public.


87% of people who had been abducted by aliens said receiving Laughology award updates helped increase their sense of wellbeing. The other 13% moved to Basingstoke!


In addition to award nominations, there are a whole host of opportunities for people and organisations to get involved, from sponsorship to supporting our auction and raffle, which this year will benefit our charity partner Haven House Children’s Hospice.

Previous award supporters have included NatWest, CIPD, Crown House Publishing and MediaCity UK, and winners have included the Outward Bound Trust, Bupa Place and Burges Salmon. Once again nominations will be assessed by a panel of high-profile judges from the worlds of business and education.

The awards campaign will be conducted throughout the year on social media and mainstream media. Previously, awards have been covered by the BBC, ITV and national and regional press.

What makes a winner?

The 2019 roll call of winners included Bupa Place and Flakefleet Primary School. Here’s some inside info on what made them winners to help you with your nominations.
BUPA place receiving their happiness award

Bupa Place: Happiest Workplace

Bupa Place’s submission got to the heart of how the company has designed its new workspace around the wellbeing of its people. The nomination succinctly explained the range of initiatives and physical design features that enable employees to work in a healthy, supportive and happy environment and how the new centre improves the lives of those who work there. Judges were impressed by the scale and range of happiness and wellbeing considerations that the company detailed, including flexible hotdesking, social spaces, flexible working hours, a wellbeing suite, showers on every floor, private faith rooms, sustainable travel options and IT support to enable more flexible working patterns. The submission also detailed the strong social and community element of the workplace and Bupa’s commitment to the personal and professional development of its employees. The submission was supported by photographs and videos showing evidence of the fundamental commitment Bupa Place makes to its people’s happiness and wellbeing.

Flakefleet Primary School: Happiest Primary School

Flakefleet’s submission included an honest and passionate statement by the headteacher in which he described how he and his staff have turned around a struggling school using kindness, happiness and personal responsibility. The submission detailed the compassionate, innovative and revolutionary schemes dreamed up by staff to raise morale and develop pride in the school while building support throughout the school community and the locality. These initiatives included support for deprived pupils and their families, visits to a local care home and the making of hugely popular, hilarious viral videos to commemorate events such as the royal wedding. The submission explained how the school used social media to connect with parents and pupils and to build a solid community where people wanted to be involved and engaged. Staff health and wellbeing was placed at the heart of the school. The submission detailed how discounted childcare was available on site and how leadership put together a team to seek ways to enhance mental health and wellbeing. The submission also looked to future plans which included a school petting zoo, a school radio station and a Christmas number one. Evidence came in the form of videos and a parent survey. The school also submitted a very helpful grid which detailed clearly which initiatives and evidence collated to which judging criteria.

“We were over the moon. There were some amazing businesses in the awards, so it was brilliant to win.”
The Outward Bound Trust - Francesca Scott
“I am privileged to have won the award.”
2016 Happiest Employee - Rob Smith
“We work really hard to look after our people and make the office a great place to work. It is great to win.”
2017 Winner - Burges Salmon

Nomination deadline

Nominations close at midnight on 29th October, 2019


Happiness. What is it?

Real happiness – or realistic happiness (because you can’t be happy all the time) - is a complex mix of mindsets and emotional states which combine to create positivity, resilience and robust mental health. So many elements affect happiness, including exercise, diet and security. Our research tells us that realistic happiness is made of five main drivers. These are confidence, coping skills, positive relationships, support and personal development. Within each of these there are other factors, such as a sense of purpose. When people and organisations understand this and break down each element, they can start to devise interventions and initiatives that will positively impact on people’s happiness.

Happiness is:

  • Confidence
  • Personal development and autonomy
  • Positive relationships
  • Mutual support
  • Resilience and the ability to cope
  • The greatest gift that I possess
  • A room without a roof
It isn't
  • A cigar called Hamlet

Pssst! Here’s what the judges will be looking for…

Laughology is all about the science of happiness. Our high-brow boffins have studied it and worked out the equation for creating happy people and organisations.

Confidence + personal development + mutual support + positive relationships + coping skills = happiness.

Any organisation, leader or person that takes measures to promote these five elements will be creating happiness. And the judges will be looking for evidence of each of these themes in your submission.

Check out the links here to discover what the judges look for in team and individual categories and also have a look at the judging criteria for ideas about how organisations – both workplaces and schools - can create happiness. We hope this information helps, but most of all, the judges want to hear your unique stories and the innovative ways you are putting happiness at the heart of what you do. So don’t get too hung up on the detail. And don’t forget, our judges love material such as photos, videos, testimonials, feedback and press cuttings.


Each year the Laughology team are honoured to partner with an esteemed panel of successful leaders who will help judge the National Happiness Awards.

We will announce this year's judges after we have bribed them to take part with a lifetime supply of Curly Wurly's - the official chocolate-based snack of the Happiness Awards 2019.

Judging criteria

Happiest workplace

The criteria for the National Happiest Workplace is a bit of a whopper, so we thought you may prefer it in a downloadable Word format - but it is well worth a read!

Happiest workplace person

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Creativity and innovation in the way the nominee supports and encourages others and examples of how they go the extra mile to ensure colleagues are happy
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates how the nominee inspires, engages and contributes to the overall happiness in the organisation
  • How the nominee has a positive impact on the organisation and the community beyond
  • The positive impact the individual has on the organisation from staff feedback and testimonials from peers
Happiest team
Judges will be looking for evidence of:
  • A team which demonstrates an original and innovative approach to people development, promoting wellbeing and communicating positive messages about mental health and happiness
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates how the team excels in collaborative working and leadership
  • A rounded approach showing how the team positively impacts on other functions and the wider business
  • Key metrics, staff feedback and anecdotes that demonstrate how the team has strengthened the organisation
Happiest primary school

The criteria for the National Happiest School award is a bit of a whopper, so we thought you may prefer it in a downloadable Word format - it's well worth a read!

Happiest child (primary)

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • A creative and curious approach for getting the most out of school life
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates what the student has achieved and in what context
  • The positive impact the pupil has on the school to promote happiness
Happiest young person (primary)

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • A creative and curious approach for getting the most out of school life
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates what the student has achieved and in what context
  • The positive impact the pupil has on the school to promote happiness
Happiest school employee

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Original and innovative ideas for contributing to the overall happiness of the school
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates how the person inspires, engages and contributes to the overall happiness, wellbeing and positive mental health in the school
  • How the person adds value to the school in terms of promoting happiness and children’s development beyond the curriculum inside and outside of the classroom


Education Gold sponsor


Fit 2 Communicate logo
More about Twinkl

We work with schools across the UK, helping them develop a range of vital  effective positive communication skills.

We help schools develop better partnerships with parents, leading to stronger parental engagement. We also help them to create a teacher experience that builds retention. We strengthen leadership teams and create authentic marketing strategies that reflect a school’s vision and values. The result is a better experience for teachers, parents and pupils. We also help school teams through changes while building engagement, trust and resilience.

It's great to be sponsors of such a prestigious event as the National Happiness Awards, and as judges, we are looking forward to being involved in the judging process.

Gold venue sponsor



Workplace Gold sponsor



Silver business sponsor


Silver education sponsor


Bronze business sponsor


Awards Charity Partners 2019

Haven House

Andy Burnham - Mayor of Greater Manchester
The National Happiness Awards is all about spreading the love, which is why each year we choose a charity to support. This year we are delighted to announce that our charity partner for 2019 is Haven House Children’s Hospice. On the night of the awards we will be holding an auction and raffle to raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Go to the Haven House website...


Andy Burnham - Mayor of Greater Manchester


Happiness award winners 2018 were announced in a glittering awards ceremony at mediacityuk, Manchester

2018 Awards Ceremony Gallery

  • Aaron Alburey

  • O 2 Happiest Team Commended

  • Tracy Kelly Councillor

  • Thistley Hough Hapiest Secondary School Winner

  • Theodora Childrens Charity Happiest Team Winner

  • Room Photo

  • Room Shot 10

  • Shawn Sequeira Happiest Pupil Winner 4

  • Stephen Hill Happiest School Person Winner Friends Collected It

  • Room Photo 12

  • Rob Woodhead Simply Better Events

  • Rhys Dooley Williams Hiren Abhani Happiest Pupils Highly Commended

  • Raffle Winner 2

  • Justin Robbins Karen Dempster

  • Kerry James Stephanie Davies

  • Mrs Statemen

  • Natalie Morgan Dew Happiest Workplace Person WINNER 5

  • Judges

  • Jake Heather Happiest School Person Highly Commended

  • Ian Gilbert 2

  • Hirens Mum

  • Highly Commended Commended 2

  • Highly Commended Commended 5

  • Hiren Happiest Pupil Highly Commended

  • Hiren Abhani Happiest Pupil Highly Commended 4

  • Happy Face

  • Happy Face 2

  • Fun Photo

  • Fun Photo 8

  • Fun Photo 2

  • Fun Photo 3

  • Fun Photo 5

  • Fun Photo 7

  • Fun Photo 14

  • Fun Photo 12

  • Fun Photo 11

  • Fun Photo 10

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 2

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 4

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 5

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 7

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 11

  • Flakefleet Happiest Primary School Winner 10

  • Fit 2 Communicate

  • Filming Photo 2

  • Fairfield Stockport Academy Runners Up

  • Filming 9

  • Filming Photo 3

  • Filming Photo 1

  • Entry Shot

  • Ellas Kitchen V 2

  • Ellas Kitchen

  • Dr Nerina

  • Dave Keeling Stephanie Davies Flossing

  • Dave Keeling Stephanie Davies 1

  • Dave Keeling Vicky Rowan Stephanie Davies Stephanie Wilkinson

  • Dinos Rob Simply Better Events

  • Cover Photo IMG 0086

  • Bupa Place Happiest Workplace WINNERS

  • Becca Ross Jessica Byhurst Happiest Person Workplace

  • Bar Photo

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