Happiest school or teacher award 2016

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, and valued supporter and contributor to the Laughology Happiness Awards 2016, talks about the importance of happiness in schools.

Nominating, being shortlisted or winning a Happiness Award is our direct endorsement of the positive work culture at your school.Happyawardlogo

They recognise the hard work and dedication of your teams. Being nominated and potentially winning an award is an excellent way of raising your schools profile, boosting staff morale and showing your appreciation of your school or colleagues.

Happiest school criteria

  • A place that puts happiness and well-being at the heart of school life and offers support to all.
  • A place that takes active measures to make sure pupils have fun while at school.
  • A place that has a positive impact on the local community.
  • A place that is inclusive and promotes positive relationships between all. A place that encourages laughter and happiness. 

[panel background="#eaf9ff"] First Prize - for the UK’s Happiest School, sponsored by Crown House publishing, is £1000 worth of school vouchers of your choice, as well as £1000 worth of workshops for children.[/panel]

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Happiest teacher, head Teacher or support staff criteria

  • A person who makes sure the school is happy.
  • A person who is approachable, whose door is always open and who gets involved in all activities.
  • A person who goes above and beyond to make sure pupils and colleagues are happy.
  • A person who encourages creativity within school to promote happiness.
  • A person who entertains to make school memorable.
  • A person who uses humour and laughter creatively to engage and support school life.
  • A person who goes out their way to help and who goes above and beyond to bring happiness to school life. 

[panel background="#eaf9ff"] First Prize - for the Happiest Head teacher, Teacher or Support Staff in a school is £500 worth of travel vouchers. [/panel]

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Nominations are open for the National Happiness Awards 2019

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