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Mental Health First Aid Awareness Workshop


  • Understanding mental health and the importance of mental healthcare
  • Recognising early signs and symptoms
  • Understand and reduce stigma
  • Reduce absenteeism and long-term sickness

Suited to:

  • Managers & HR
  • Leaders
  • All Teams

Delivered as:

  • Two hour intro
  • Half or full-day
  • Transformation or training programme

Suitable for HR professionals, leaders and managers

Date & venue
  • Friday 22 June 2018. 9.30-4.30
  • The Grosvenor Hotel, 101 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 0SJ
  • Facilitator Kerry Leigh - Cerfified Trainer

  • £199.00 plus VAT per delegate. Standard price
  • £175.00 plus VAT per delegate. Early bird price
  • Early bird price available until 25th May 2018.
  • Places limited to 20 delegates


  • Workshop pack will be emailed within 7 days of payment
  • Call 0844 800 1701 to book by phone

The way in which we work today is constantly changing and evolving, not only ‘what’ we do but ‘how’ we do it i.e., the work place, technology, working hours etc. Inevitably the pressures placed upon us are changing and evolving as well. Therefore, in order for us to flourish, it is essential to take care of and maintain our mental wellness.

Statistics from the Mental Health Foundation’s website show that:

  • 14.7 % people experience mental health problems in the workplace
  • Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19.8% vs 10.9%)
  • (Evidence suggests that) 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions

Whilst we as individuals need to take responsibility for this there is an increasing emphasis on the role that employers and organisations can play too. Workplaces have a duty to enable HR, managers and leaders to have the right skills to positively deal with and spot mental health in their teams.

There is still a huge stigma around mental health and we need to banish it. We can only do this by raising awareness about it and offering practical support to all employees. If organisations were to identify and implement measures to improve mental health they could increase employee engagement and morale and improve performance therefore increasing staff retention.

We know early intervention is key to helping prevent any crisis in mental health. Therefore by having open conversations, educating our employees and implementing strategies about mental health we can remove the stigma and avoid such crisis. Spotting the early signs of developing mental health issues not only reduces absenteeism and long-term sickness but in compassionate organisations, where employees feel valued and understood, people and businesses flourish.

Our expertise is delivering taboo and sensitive subjects in an engaging and fun way. We use humour to break the ice and provide a platform enabling people to have frank, open conversations. This session is an opportunity to seek out practical ideas which can be taken back to the workplace in order to create a supportive culture around mental health.

Course Outline

This workshop will empower your leaders and employees to better understand and take responsibility for mental health in the workplace, both for themselves and their colleagues. By learning to listen and communicate non-judgementally it will help normalise conversations about mental health issues and build participants’ confidence to take those conversations back to the workplace in order to create an open and accepting culture.
Morning Session

Introductions and gentle ice breaker.

Expectations: In small groups discuss and share expectations from the day, then with the whole group. Trainer to address and manage expectations.

What is Mental Health? Free flow exercise untapping what we automatically think of when we hear OR read the words: ‘Mental Health’. Trainer to facilitate discussion re preconceptions, misconceptions and stigma.
Introduce the ‘mental health continuum’.

Common Mental Health Issues: Learn the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, debunking myths along the way and including video testaments of lived experience and examples of positive portrayals.

How to apply Mental Health First Aid: Introducing the MHFA acronym ALGEE:
  • Approach
  • Listen and communicate non-judgementally
  • Give support and information
  • Encourage the person to get help
  • Encourage other supports

Afternoon Session

Owning it – what is YOUR role in the workplace – how can YOU help? Trainer to facilitate discussion and capture outcomes re taking responsibility as individuals and as an organisation.

Introducing FLIP it Thinking for Resilience

Trainer takes the group through each part of the FLIP it process using upbeat interactive exercises to illustrate how effective and immediate FLIP it thinking can be – our proven accessible Laughology toolkit that uses psychology and humour to help people cope in the moment and develop resilience.


Review the day’s learning and make commitment to practice using the STOP / START / CONTINUE method.


Learning Outcomes include:
  • How to create a culture that supports people to talk and be open about their mental health and promote wellbeing
  • Having a greater awareness of how to spot mental health issues early on
  • Understanding positive interventions for sign-posting and helping people to get the help they need
  • Generate ideas for integrating mental health wellbeing into your workplace
  • To understand what preventions can be put in place to create a well working environment and individuals
  • An understanding of FLIP it thinking for managers and teams for resilience

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The session was amazing. So funny, full of engaging, but also pertinent raising relevant, current issues and looking at how to address them. 

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