What makes a good day at work for you? - Try these 4 techniques to make your workplace happier

Is it when everything goes to plan? When nobody interrupts you? When you achieve what you set out to achieve that day?

If these are your criteria then you may be setting yourself up for a fall. Anyone who’s ever been to a family wedding knows that an event rarely goes exactly to plan, and that a spanner will be thrown in the works at least once , more likely several times. No matter how well you plan people get ill, people make mistakes, and circumstances alter and priorities change.

Instead of going into work with perhaps false expectations of the ‘perfect day’ and setting yourself up for a fall and ultimately feeling frustrated and annoyed, instead manage your expectations and equip yourself with the tools to cope when challenges are thrown your way.

Can you see the funny side?

Humour changes people’s mood and perspective instantly. Laughology toolkits are easy to use, scientific models that are taught across the country in the public, private and health sectors to help people manage everyday work and life challenges.

When mistakes happen we can use humour to see the funny side. This could mean literally laughing it off, OR simply being in ‘good humour’ so that you can have perspective on the situation and not take it personally.

‘Easier said than done!’ I hear you cry. Actually being in good humour is easy, but it takes practice.
Here are 4 techniques to help you create good humour in the workplace:

Happy teams are more productive.

When someone is ill at work we send them and their germs home! Good humour is also contagious, so spread it around, and have a nice day.