3 simple activities for happiness and teaching with a smile

Did you know it’s national smile month? If not you can get involved simply by smiling and it’s really good for you. Smiling helps you feel better and it’s contagious. Go on I dare you to see how many smiles you get back this week simply by smiling at others.

Pair up with a friend and see who gets the most. It doesn’t just make us feel good, it actually improves your mood and can reduce stress. Even better, your smile doesn’t have to be real, so you can fake it and still get the same results. A study from Penn State University found that people who smile appear to be more likeable, courteous. and even more knowledgeable. The brain also release more positive neurotransmitters needed for learning when smile, so teach with a smile.

When you smile, your brain is aware of the activity and actually keeps track of it. The more you smile, the more effective you are at breaking the brain’s natural tendency to think negatively. If you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than it does negative ones.

We have added some quick activities for your class below that will help make them smile. You can even watch a video on the science of smiling as a greater opener and to get your class smiling and talking.


3 simple activities for smiling and happiness


1. What is happiness?

2. Smile on a stick

3. Happy Standing

Check out the science on this – it really works

Stephanie Davies


Awards 2019 PNG

The National Happiness Awards 2019

Do you have a happy child, do they bring that happiness to school with them? Are you a teacher who thinks they know who the happiest child in your school is? Why not nominate them in the National Happiness Awards 2019

Nominations are now open in the National Happiness Awards. There are 5 categories in the school section of the awards:

Got to the awards page to submit your nomination... 


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